11,696+ Hours of Community Safety

Our Community Safety Wardens have clocked 11,696+ hours of Community Safety Patrols.

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A Test Purchase (TP) is when an undercover operative is sent to attempt to purchase illicit goods to gather evidence and intelligence to support ongoing investigations and to check that businesses are complying with the law.

TP investigations are an essential part of ensuring that illicit goods are monitored and seized appropriately. Commonly, the premises that sell illicit goods such as tobacco and alcohol are run by Organised Crime Gangs (OCGs) throughout the country.

In order to gain the trust of OCGs and ensure successful outcomes, it is often necessary to conduct test purchases with consultants from similar cultural backgrounds. Our test purchasers come from a diverse range of backgrounds and locations, and have years of specialist experience in covert operations.

Each of our TPs is unique to the needs of our clients. We deliver bespoke packages utilising our broad range of consultants and tailor packages to desired timeframes and budgets.

Red Snapper Managed Services ensures quality outcomes by monitoring the service we provide from start to finish. We have specifically shown that we can provide successful outcomes in Test Purchasing operations through our capacity to adapt our service based on the requirements of each individual TP operation.

Benefits of RSMS Test Purchasers:

  • Bespoke Packages
  • Broad range of Consultants
  • Covert Cameras used to capture evidence to support intelligence
  • Monitoring the service from start to finish

Case Studies:

Thurrock – 2018 Selling illicit tobacco, consultants all with an eastern European background were deployed to obtain test purchases

Lancashire – Illegal vendors – targeted suspicious individuals and working with trading standards to attain search warrants, achieving success in finding illicit goods.

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Last edited: 5th October 2021