17000+ Consultancy Days

We have delivered 17000+ consultancy days completed since January 2020.

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Utilising our internal expertise; from best practice recruitment, to specialist training and development, our managed services network can build a unique tailored solution that suits unique customer needs.

RSMS is a member of the Red Snapper Group (RSG).  RSG has four divisions.  Red Snapper Media, Red Snapper Recruitment, Red Snapper Learning and Red Snapper Managed Services.

This group structure results in RSMS having media, HR, recruitment and training expertise and capabilities to a level which is unrivalled by any business within in the UK.  These assets are deployed and applied to build fit for purpose service models to meet customer specific needs.

A key RSMS principal is to deliver services which add immediate value and produce long term sustainable outcomes. To achieve these outcomes, many of our services have in-built training and development features which up-skill and re-skill our customers in-house teams, to ensure that at the project end point business improvement outcomes have been delivered.

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    Last edited: 8th March 2021