12,301 Hours of CCTV Reviewed

Over 550 units of CCTV reviewed within the last 12 months, totalling over 12,630 hours.

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Statement taking

What we do:

Red Snapper Managed Services (RSMS) has delivered statement taking services to a variety of specialist consultancy and project services. Despite the lengthy processes involved in statement-taking, our ability to swiftly mobilise a team of consultants and streamline our investigative processes enables us to deliver quick responses to meet the needs of our clients on nationwide investigations.

Since 2018, we have obtained in excess of 420 witness and victim statements to support investigations managed by Trading Standards and the wider law enforcement community including the police and central government. In this period, we have exhibited a 95.5% success rate with statements submitted. Our consultants are with the victim within 3 hours and so far, every investigation that RSMS has worked on has led to a successful prosecution.

RSMS use a specialised online system to record and save sensitive data gathered from statements. The Investigation Management System (IMS) is a secure system which is used to manage every action for an investigation. It stores the information of the victim/witness, including their name, contact details and electronic copies documentation which is relevant to the investigation, improving efficiency and lowering costs.

RSMS ensures consistent and quality outputs in our statement-taking operations though the rigorous methodology of review and streamlining which we adapt to each investigation. The success of our methodological approach to statement-taking can be seen our ability to provide high volumes of evidence to support authorities with ongoing investigations.

Quality Assurance:

The quality of our statement-taking services is assured by regular scrutiny. Every statement undergoes a robust review to ensure high quality is achieved and to establish if there are any issues with the statement. Our quality assurance process is completed by our statement Quality Assurance Consultant (QAC) who is a former detective from the police and a senior investigator with Trading Standards. He reviews each statement using a pre-determined matrix system which is created from the very start of the project.

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Last edited: 8th March 2021