989 Test Purchasing Visits

We've visited 989 businesses as part of our Test Purchasing operations, with an 85% success rate. RSMS have worked with more than 55 separate authorities.

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Red Snapper Managed Services (RSMS) provides a performance review service to clients including police forces, local and central authorities across the UK and internationally.

The service is designed for RSMS consultants to review the current performance of a specific business unit or directorate and provide recommendations and suggestions to improve the performance and enhance positive outcomes.

Our consultants deploy the best techniques and assessment methods, aligned to our rigorous quality assurance management system (QAMS) through our ISO 9001 accreditation to achieve high performance both in terms of staff performance and business performance.

Performance figures include quantitative data in terms of numbers and quantifiable data to determine key themes which contribute to planned interventions and enablers to achieve higher levels of performance.

Our service enables optimum business efficiency and effectiveness through a number of key themes and drivers such as cost, people, process, structure, operational performance and other associated factors.

Our reviews often target:

  • Performance improvement
  • Change management
  • Best practice

Best practice is applied which is designed to meet each business unit. This builds a strong culture and strengthens knowledge and confidence through information, advice and guidance to frontline staff and senior managers within the organisation.


RSMS delivered an investigation support service to a large, unnamed police force, within the investigation command. Through early performance review, working with SMT, our services enabled valuable improvements which included:

  • Reduced case loads
    • Which eased stress and absence from work
  • Improved quality of evidence
    • Our service enabled high levels of evidential cases to CPS with positive outcomes
  • Improved witness/victim satisfaction
    • Officers had more time with witnesses/victims of crime

Other Recent examples:

  • Metropolitan Police
    • Operation Aegis – Safeguarding performance improvement
  • Surrey Police
    • Public Protection Standards Team (PPST) – Safeguarding performance improvement
  • British Transport Police
    • Safeguarding performance improvement
  • Trading Standards
    • Investigation positive improvement (time, cost and quality)

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Last edited: 8th March 2021