1,372 Statements Taken

A total of 1,372 statements have been completed for our clients. Quality assured with a 95.5% success rate.

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Our investigation support service is designed to reduce both the functional and procedural workload for our clients. Undertaking investigative actions, such as taking witness statements, making house-to-house enquiries and reviewing CCTV footage.

These services are undertaken and delivered to the highest quality standards and managed according to an agreed time and cost, ensuring a clear predicted spend.

We outline the services we provide the client by undertaking a set of agreed deliverables known as a ‘Statement Of Works’ (SOW). The SOW sets out the functions and services to be performed and completed within the project, with specific targets and outcomes to achieve.

The quality and quantity of work is guaranteed. RSMS takes full responsibility for the outcomes.

Examples of services we can provide or support:

  • Statement taking
  • Intelligence analysis
  • House to house enquiries

The benefits of investigation support services

  • Increased Capacity

Immediate access to human resource, technology, management and strategic investigation resource on a scale that rivals county police forces

  • Speed and Agility

A service, which is built to deploy quickly, flex in scale quickly and respond to changing business needs in an agile way.

  • Light Touch, Limited Management

A fully managed service, which guarantees high quality outcomes and requires only a light touch management involvement from our customers.

  • Opportunity for Cost Savings

A service, which creates opportunities for, cost savings

Quality Assurance

At the heart of our service, is a transfer from the customer to RSMS, of the responsibility for ensuring all tasks are completed to the highest of standards.

All of our teams are highly experienced criminal investigators.

Our staff receive continuous professional development from our in-house training team.

Our processes, practices and work outputs are subject to continual audit.

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Last edited: 8th March 2021