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 Independent Review

Red Snapper Managed Services (RSMS) provides a professional independent review service to clients including police forces, local and central authorities across the UK and internationally.

The service is designed to independently review cases, historic or current to determine if best practice has been achieved, identify recommendations and lessons learned within the review.

Our reviews identify threats, issues and challenges to historic and current investigations where the public, vulnerable persons may be at high risk of harm and review how victims are supported. We identify issues or gaps within the investigation and to provide advice, support and guidance to proactive and reactive investigations.

We deploy highly skilled and experienced review specialists to undertake thorough reviews on current and historic cases. They will provide information, advice and guidance to help improve the approach and outcomes of the investigations. In addition, cases will be reviewed to understand if there are critical gaps or additional actions recommended to SIOs.

Each independent review is agreed through a commissioned terms of reference (ToR) capturing the work output for each review.

Our reviews include:

  • Major Crime Reviews
  • Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHR)
  • Safeguarding Adult Review (SAR)


  • We remain impartial to the authority
  • Efficiency and effectiveness achieved through time and cost
  • Subject matter experts deployed

Recent examples:

  • Royal Falkland Islands Police
    • Force review in line with government standards
  • Suffolk Constabulary
    • Major crime review
  • Cheshire Police and Crime Commissioner
    • Fox hunting review
  • UK Police Force (unnamed)
    • Professional standards review
  • Quakers of Britain
    • Historic safeguarding review
  • Lawn Tennis Association
    • Historic safeguarding cases review and independent investigation
  • England Cricket board
    • Historic safeguarding cases review

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Last edited: 8th March 2021