1,372 Statements Taken

A total of 1,372 statements have been completed for our clients. Quality assured with a 95.5% success rate.

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Red Snapper Managed Services (RSMS) provides our clients with professional and experienced individuals to assist with entering large amounts of information into a database or documentation platform.

Since November 2020 RSMS have been assisting the ACRO Criminal Records Office. Our Data Entry Officers complete high-volume data entry tasks accurately to meet the current demand linked to COVID-19; the Officers validate and check documents received, update information to policing systems accurately, take appropriate action to resolve queries and take FPN calls, WorldPay payments and process FPN paperwork.

Like with all of our services, our Data Entry projects are undertaken and delivered to the highest quality standards, and managed according to an agreed time and cost, ensuring a clear predicted spend.

Quality Assurance

  • All of our teams are highly experienced and have past data entry experience.
  • Our staff receive continuous professional development from Red Snapper Learning, our in-house training team.
  • Our processes, practices and work outputs are subject to continual audit.
  • A service which is built to deploy quickly – flexible and can respond to changing business needs in an agile way.
  • A fully managed service – high-quality outcomes that require only a light-touch management style.

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Last edited: 9th March 2021