168 Projects Completed

We have completed 168 projects since RSMS launched.

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Red Snapper Managed Services (RSMS) provides local authorities across the UK with the support they need to effectively tackle the challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our COVID Business Compliance Officers (CBCOs) patrol on-foot, conducting daily inspections on local businesses, such as supermarkets, shops and takeaways, to ensure the correct safety measures are in place and that the latest guidance and safety regulations are being followed.

The CBCO teams are deployed in identifiable uniforms along with PPE, communication devices and body-worn cameras in order to document formal evidence of any non-compliance.

Like with all of our services, these COVID Officer projects are undertaken and delivered to the highest quality standards, and managed according to an agreed time and cost, ensuring a clear predicted spend.

Jane, one of our CBCO Operation Managers in Portsmouth, has this to say:

“Ultimately this is saving lives by cutting transmission rate in the community.  Some of the feedback from business owners is that it has also made them feel safer.

Overall, the public are very pleased to see the team on patrol and they have received many positive comments.”

Quality Assurance

  • All of our teams are highly experienced security and ex law enforcement staff.
  • Our staff receive continuous professional development from Red Snapper Learning, our in-house training team.
  • Our processes, practices and work outputs are subject to continual audit.
  • A service which is built to deploy quickly – flexible and can respond to changing business needs in an agile way.
  • A fully managed service – high-quality outcomes that require only a light-touch management style.

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Last edited: 8th March 2021