12,301 Hours of CCTV Reviewed

Over 550 units of CCTV reviewed within the last 12 months, totalling over 12,630 hours.

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Slough Borough Council Case Study

RSMS provides community safety support to local authorities through deploying well trained, experienced community safety wardens across a specified area.

Our Community Safety Wardens can operate within council boroughs, in order to actively engage with the community in a positive manner and provide a professional, smart, high visibility patrolling presence, mainly on foot, in order to deter public nuisance, anti-social behaviour, crime and to encourage good behaviour.

This service helps tackle and decrease anti-social behaviour across a community by creating a presence of professional community safety wardens.

Each Community Safety Warden receives BTEC Level 3 ASB equivalent Practitioner training course in addition to conflict management and communication skills.

The benefits of our Community Safety Services

  • Speed and Agility

Our community safety services can be mobilised in a matter of weeks, and length of deployment is flexible based on needs.

  • Specialisation

We can provide niche services to act as a first response to tackle issues of importance, without the lead times often encountered when requesting direct support from local law enforcement.

  • Manageable

We offer manageable contract lengths, based on the needs of the client, ensuring that our service is both timely and cost-efficient for the council.

  • Reassurance

Provides professional, smart, high visibility patrolling presence in order to reduce the fear of crime and reassure local people and make them feel safe and proud of where they live.

  • Community spirit

Develop community spirit by being approachable and responsive. Communicating positive news and dealing with problems quickly and professionally.

Quality Assurance

At the heart of our service, is a transfer from the customer to RSMS, of the responsibility for ensuring all tasks are completed to the highest of standards.

All of our teams are comprised of highly experienced community safety officers.

Our staff receive continuous professional development from our in-house training team.

Our processes, practices and work outputs are subject to continual audit.

Last edited: 8th March 2021