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In 2015, Surrey Police received ‘inadequate’ and ‘required improvement’ following the HMIC assessment on operational effectiveness. Chief Constable Lynne Owens requested an independent and impartial review to be performed across the public protection unit, delivered by Red Snapper Group. A Public Protection Standards Team (PPST) was created to identify current threats, issues and challenges to historic and current investigations where vulnerable persons were at high risk. The team was created in September 2015, led by a former Detective Chief Inspector from the Metrolpolitan Police Sexual Offenses, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command, specialising namely on child sexual exploitation. He is supported by a team of highly experienced former law enforcement investigative professionals of Detective Inspector and Detective Sergeant level, with significant experience of managing child protection and serious, complex crime investigations. The overall team is managed by the RSG Project Manager. The fundamental aim across Surrey Police was to significantly improve the approach on PPU cases, in particular, child protection cases. To complete re-assurance to ensure all cases are: • Reviewed thoroughly and of the highest expectations and levels • Robust and processed quickly • Meet Policies, guidelines and legislation correctly • Identify gaps and provide information, advice and guidance to OICs Outcome As a consequence, Surrey scored and impressive ‘Good’ in the recent HMIC assessments. A large part of the score was due to the PPST identifying further threats and risks based on their in-depth reviews which enables the team to provide confident guidance and support to OIC’s to manage the investigation more efficiently and achieve great outcomes. Thereby, significantly improving the effectiveness across public protection and protecting vulnerable persons.